Track History Analysis and Warehousing

Operators in surveillance or operations centers view thousands of tracks each day – far too many for a human being to keep track of. Because the amount of tracks within the situation picture can be extremely large, operators will inevitably be faced with a need to check previous track movements and report on these. Navielektro's Track Warehouse logs the entire situation picture into a database, and provides the user with an interface through which the information content of the warehouse may be queried. Users may query the information using either a web service or the TDF client. The Track Warehouse enables users to query and gather information related to movements of specific vessels or vessel types, as well as traffic density. The system is ideal for analyzing traffic patterns, fairway or road usage.

Navielektro's track history analysis and warehousing solution continuously logs information from available sensors to track databases and warehouses, allowing operators to retrieve the stored information at a later time. The logged information may be retrieved for a single track or from within an area using different history search criteria.

The system can be set up as a stand-alone system, or an integrated part of a situational awareness system. The Warehouse may be set up to utilize AIS, or information obtained from the Navielektro Track Fusion system.

Efficient and irreplaceable

The Track Warehouse has proven its value in:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Safe Route and Voyage Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Oil Spill Analysis
  • Situation Briefing
Track warehouse UI image

Movement statistics at a glance

Track history data is collected and stored, so that you can perform queries and present results on the chart. Query results can also be presented in the form of tables and charts, displaying track movement statistics in comprehensible manner.