Complete solutions for visually demanding surveillance requirements

Visual identification and surveillance has always been important for situational awareness surveillance environments (be they maritime or land-based). Navielektro has gone to great lengths to ensure that operators achieve complete situational awareness. In our systems, all of the surveillance data needed can be accessed from a single user interface, including CCTV video. Our video system enables control of CCTV or similar systems from multiple operator workstations. Connected CCTV systems are controlled directly from the TDF platform, in a chart based fashion. CCTV sensors are fully TCP/IP controlled, so the resulting video image may be transmitted to presentation systems using various video compression technologies.

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CCTV is an important enhancement to any surveillance operation. Navielektro offers a complete solution with respect to all aspects of integration, from CCTV cameras and illumination units to communication and presentation. Because CCTV sensors are integrated as a part of the TDF situation picture, operators can control sensors directly from their workstation in addition to viewing the video from the sensors. The process is as simple as selecting a camera on chart, and clicking and dragging to shift the camera direction or the zoom level.

Navielektro has integrated to leading CCTV surveillance vendors such as Panasonic, Axis and FLIR.

CCTV video, every way you want it

Video image can be displayed either in the form of an embedded video window or using a separate display located at the operator working position. Navielektro's CCTV system can even be integrated with existing vessel databases, in order to support and enhance the identification process. This means that users can use video data to confirm track identifications and even snap pictures for their vessel database. Navielektro's CCTV system can also be connected to the track fusion and management system, enabling integrated camera sleuthing.