About Us

Navielektro is a privately owned company specialized in development and maintenance of situational awareness, surveillance and communication systems for both civilian and military purposes. Our operations also include manufacturing and maintenance of sensors. Navielektro has over ten years of experience developing advanced integrated systems for surveillance purposes. Navielektro's mission is to provide sophisticated systems that are needed in order to enhance the safety of life, be it at sea, on land or in the air. Our goal is to be recognized by our customer as a partner in surveillance and communication in the fields of C2 (Command & Control), VTMS (Vessel Traffic Management Systems). Coastal- and Port Security Systems, RIS (River Information Systems) as well as ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Navielektro actively contributes to the development and standardization of solutions within our area of expertise, and we are currently participating in the development of maritime situational awareness systems as part of joint operations with ITU, IALA and NATO.


Our deliveries so far range from integrated bridge systems, VTS Systems, Tactical Information Systems, VHF Voice Communication Systems, AIS Base Station Networks, Web Portals, Track Fusion and Tracking Systems to single OEM radar site deliveries and specialized consultancy projects within the field of navigation, communication, surveillance and analysis.


Today, Navielektro is the leading supplier of VTS and Coastal Surveillance Systems for the Coast of Finland. The integrated coastal surveillance system that has been built for the Finnish tri-lateral FIMAC agencies is probably one of the largest of its kind in the world today.


During the last few years, Navielektro has also gained foothold as a vendor of Joint Common Operational Picture user interfaces and platforms in Finland. Navielektro has also successfully completed surveillance system deliveries to Europe, Asia and Africa. Since 1996, Navielektro has focused strongly on development, maintenance and delivery of some of the most critical situational awareness systems in Finland. In the year 2000 our operations with regards to maritime surveillance and vessel traffic management expanded to include general situational awareness services and related software.


We systematically set out to seek the expertise and experience required from abroad, together with the leading agents within the aforementioned fields.