April 30 2015

Ghana VTMIS inauguration

Navielektro and Eltel partnered up to provide Ghana with its first Vessel Traffic Management Information System. The technologically state-of-the-art system includes radars and meteorological sensors that provide real-time information on traffic and weather conditions at sea for coastal management purposes.

Eltel's experience with financing and delivering projects to Ghana and Navielektro's experience with building large maritime surveillance systems and CISE solutions made the partnership between Navielektro and Eltel very efficient, resulting in a successful and timely system delivery. Navielektro has provided the technology for the system, while Eltel has implemented telecommunication and homeland security solutions. The delivered VTMS system integrates several sub-systems such as radar control, automatic identification, radio data, CCTV and area control centers.

The President of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama inaugurated the Vessel Traffic Management Information System at the Head office of the Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA). At the inauguration held on April 29th 2014, the President of Ghana emphasized the need to protect the territorial waters of Ghana against piracy and drug trade, mentioning that the United Nations Security Council has adviced nations along the Gulf of Guinea to collaborate in order to fight piracy in their waters.

The VTMIS delivered by Navielektro and Eltel is an integrated system, established to enhance continuous electronic surveillance on Ghana’s maritime domain. The system allows the authorities in Ghana to monitor maritime traffic and inland waterways in order to ensure the safety of navigation and guard against armed robbery as well as illicit trafficking of humans and goods. The project setup is comprised of the National Control Centre, which is located at the GMA’s Head office in Accra, and eight other remote sensor sites at Keta, Big Ada, Tema, Winneba, Cape Coast, Takoradi, Axim and Half Assini. There are also three remote base stations specifically for the Volta Lake at Yeji, Kete Krachi and Anum.

Image courtesy of Flagstaff House Communication Bureau

The President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama viewing the recognized maritime picture at the commissioning of Ghana's VTMS.