June 21, 2016

Navielektro partners with Morehouse

Navielektro has partnered up with Morehouse, a Finnish mobile shelter manufacturer with considerable experience within military shelters. The Morehouse COMM7 flagship shelter is the most sophisticated mobile shelter solution out there, and it has been further strengthened by the inclusion of the Navielektro TACIS solution to create the ultimate deployable command center / communications hub.

Morehouse's experience with planning and manufacturing mobile command centers and Navielektro's experience in providing sensors and software solutions for command and control make the two natural partners. The COMM7 includes specially designed MORE7 operating chairs, equipped with displays, a touch screens, keyboards and workstations. In showcasing the COMM7 and all it can do, Morehouse has chosen to  equip the workstations with Navielektro's TACIS solution. TACIS integrates sensor control, radio communications and track identification, providing COMM7 buyers with an extensive Common Operational Picture.




Completely designed and manufactured in Finland, the COMM7 – equipped with Navielektro's TACIS – is a testament to what

Finnish partnerships in technology can accomplish. The unit is the ultimate deployable command center, rigorously tested and proven to perform anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances.

Photographer: Marita Koivisto

The Morehouse COMM7 from the inside, with MORE7 operating chairs equipped with Navielektro's TACIS.