Maritime Awareness Tactical Information System

Answering maritime sovereignty and security challenges

Naval forces today face an increasing range of missions and tactical situations. Surveillance needs vary greatly, as does the scale of operations. In order to address maritime sovereignty and other security challenges, Navielektro has developed MATIS (Maritime Awareness Tactical Information System). MATIS is a comprehensive solution that covers a myriad of bases with operational flexibility in mind. The system functions as both a surveillance system and a C2 system with multi-role support. Customers can use a single solution for mission planning, basic combat management, surveillance as well as tactical-, targeting-, intelligence- and information exchange activities. MATIS is integrated, open and extendable, and has been designed to ease the operator workload and facilitate federated information sharing.

MATIS provides high availability and redundancy for the most critical functions, ensuring stable operation in even the most challenging environments. MATIS may be deployed on anything from rugged tablets to fixed operator desks and cloud based solutions, allowing deployment of the same system in operations centers and on-board ships. The system grows according to the customer's needs, ensuring a long life-cycle.

MATIS architecture image

Threat assessment

MATIS presents surveillance and situational awareness data in the form of a UCOP (User Defined Common Operational Picture). The system provides operators with a comprehensive picture of the surveillance area, allowing them to assess available mission resources. Track location, status and other factors are displayed in real-time, on chart. Because MATIS can predict track movements based on track history and voyage information, users are able to quickly check the heading of a track, recognizing threats ahead of time. Even weather information can be incorporated into the situation picture, for the purposes of predicting conditions on the field.

Any operator can access the situation picture from any workstation, at any time. This allows operators to jump in when swift action is required, shortening response times.

Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection is an integral part of MATIS, enabling users to detect and prevent collisions, grounding as well as illegal activity within their area of responsibility. MATIS applications utilize intelligent decision aids to analyze statistical track movements and user-defined rules, automatically generating alerts and responses for anomalous conditions, including intruder detection, unexpected vessel behavior, and other safety or security hazards.

Filter the situation picture

The MATIS situation picture can be managed through custom track filters. Filters can be used to display only the tracks you want to see, hiding the rest. Track visualization can be further customized by selecting what symbols and colors to use for which tracks, adding symbol decorations or adjusting transparency to emphasize or de-emphasize.


Exchange information, safely and securely

Thanks to its robust and scalable technology, MATIS excels in peer-to-peer, inter-agency and multinational information sharing solutions. The solutions have been thoroughly tested since 2008 in the yearly NATO CWIX and US CWID exercises, in order to ensure real-world interoperability. The system supports a very wide variety of information exchange interfaces, such as military data links, NATO TIDE and numerous legacy military information exchange mechanisms. MATIS also supports Cursor on Target -based information sharing.

Integrated CISE

The flexible yet secure nature of MATIS makes it the perfect system for a CISE (Common Information Sharing Environment) or any type of inter-agency collaboration. Collaboration functionalities are integrated, and can be accessed directly from the operator workstation. MATIS enables exchange of position, static and voyage related data, and also contains a military message handling system that enables authorized users to receive and transmit encrypted messages.

Information assurance

Through MATIS, Navielektro is able to provide very high information security. In our system, security has been built in from the start to accommodate the differing needs of its users. MATIS supports public-key infrastructure (PKI), enabling creation and verification of digital certificates.

Sensor and data link integration

MATIS may be integrated to virtually any kind of sensors and systems, such as scanning rotating radars, FM-CW ground surveillance radars, direction finding systems, under water surveillance systems, maritime AIS, ASTERIX, XML, NMEA, Fleet Management or other similar systems. The system is capable of presenting RMP (Recognized Maritime Picture), ASP (Air Situation Picture) as well as WASP (Wide Area Situation Picture) and COP (Common Operational Picture). In addition, the track fusion system is capable of sensor fusion and sensor management and a range of military data links.

Onboard and mobile

MATIS can be deployed on any scale, in various different compositions. In addition to turnkey operations centers, the system may be deployed on-board ships in the form of workstations, ECDIS or rugged tablets. When MATIS is utilized onboard ships, the system extends surveillance coverage while simultaneously providing onboard operational capability. The MATIS Onboard and MATIS Mobile systems support the distribution of weather, gyro and own ship's position data, which make out an important part of tactical operations.