First-class consulting

Navielektro offers a wide variety of different consulting and engineering services, such as on-site surveys for:

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VHF/AIS Base Stations

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Radar Sites

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Coverage Analysis

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Telecommunication Networks

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System Architecture Design

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Data Security

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SDK Support

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System Life-cycle Support

In addition, we offer system services in the field of system specification, planning, design and software development. Our staff has special competency in developing real-time based distributed data processing and collection software systems, with heavy emphasis on user presentation.


Development is currently carried out using Java, ANSI C++ and ANSI C and several different operating and hardware platforms. We support a working codebase for Microsoft Windows NT, Linux and a variety of embedded microcontrollers, ranging from PIC to x86 and DSP systems as well as various FPGA designs. Consultancy projects developed so far:

  • Network Operation and Maintenance Systems
  • Weather Information Sensor Processing and Presentation
  • Radio Network Signal Strength and Throughput Visualization
  • Track Exchange between a variety of surveillance systems using XML
  • Track Management
  • Real-Time Sensor Data Fusion
  • Statistical Analyzer of Maritime Traffic Patterns
  • Voice signal processing/compression and transmission using low bandwidth data lines
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Information Security Planning/Deployment
  • Radar Engineering
  • Man Machine Interface
  • Maritime AIS Solutions
  • Data Collection Services