AtoN monitoring - an integrated part of the operator workflow

The Navielektro AtoN Management system provides authorities or agencies with a tool for managing small and large AtoN systems. Using AIS 21 virtual- and pseudo messages, our AtoN system supplies vessels in a VTS or AtoN responsibility area with tactical, up-to-date digital information of AtoN status. Key information on all AtoN's is stored in an AtoN database, which Navielektro's AtoN management system utilizes to show the AtoN status in a chart- or web based view.

The AtoN management system is deployed either as a stand-alone application or integrated with Navielektro's MARITAS VTS/Coastal Surveillance System.

Managing AtoNs has never been easier

The AtoN management system provides a simple and straightforward way of monitoring and managing AtoN devices. The system allows authorities to manage and visualize the state of both manually managed AtoNs and automatically monitored AtoNs. Automatically managed AtoNs are communicated using AIS, radio modems, GSM/GPRS or similar. AtoN management can be customized to collect AtoN monitoring and measurement data from almost any existing legacy AtoN management system. In addition, the system can be fitted with an add-on service that is capable of managing AIS based broadcast of AtoN information, using the AIS 21 message type.


The AtoN system is capable of collecting real-time monitoring information using any of the existing compliant monitoring interfaces, such as:

  • ZeniLite, Akari Binary Messages and/or AIS Message 21 as defined by the IALA Navguide.
  • OPC (Open Process Control)
  • Database
  • ORBCOM/Inmarsat (E-Mail)
  • Integration and Engineering with other SCADA systems

How does it work?

Aids to Navigation and their status are displayed directly on chart. All of the system AtoNs and their status can also be viewed in the form of a list, which can be searched or modified to only display the information most vital to you. AtoNs can easily be added, edited and deleted, either by selecting them on chart or by selecting them from the AtoN list. Users can also conveniently create fault reports for AtoNs that are malfunctioning. The reports are automatically sent to a ticketing service, ensuring that maintenance personnel is notified.